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Tsukiji Fish Market
The most exciting Fish Market in Japan!

Tsukiji Marcket

If you are looking for Japanese cuisine, this is the place you should visit! Tsukiji Fish Market has been Japanese Food Central for decades. The market handles more than 450 different kinds of fish every day and the largest volume of fishery products in Japan. There is nothing you can’t find at the Tsukiji Fish Market.

The “SERI” (auction) starts at 5:00am, and by around 8:00am the market is busy with people from all over the world looking for fresh products and special deals.



Depart your hotel with an English-speaking guide by chartered coach for Tsukiji Fish Market.


Arrive at Tsukiji Fish Market. Great place to start a day! Walk around the market with your guide and feel the energy!

Maguro SeriBefore auction dealers are checking Tuna.

Maguro SeriBidding for Tuna

You will find not only fishery products, but also anything food-related  such as vegetables, fruits, and even kitchenware. When you get hungry, it is time for breakfast. Choose any Sushi restaurant you want, and enjoy breakfast at the market!

Maguro SeriTsukiji Food Court


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Everyday (except Sundays, National holidays and some Wednesdays)
7:00am – 10:00am

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