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Nara One-day Tour

Nara is an ancient capital city in Nara Prefecture, Kansai region of Japan. In 2010 the city celebrated its 1300th anniversary. Nara is home to many important scenic and historical sites, and today preserves its main within Nara Park and neighborhoods like Naramachi.



Assemble in the lobby for a full-day sightseeing tour of Nara by chartered coach with an English-speaking guide. This tour includes a buffet lunch!

You will visit the following.
Horyuji Temple: Founded by Prince Shotoku, who was believed to be the forefather of Japanese Buddhism, this is one of Japan's oldest temples. Its five-story pagoda is widely acknowledged to be one of the oldest wooden buildings existing in the world. The current temple is made up of two areas in the west and east; the complex also contains monks’ quarters, lecture halls, libraries, and dining halls.

Horyuji Horyu-ji Temple


HoryujiYumedono at Horyu-ji Temple


Todaiji Temple: The Hall of the Great Buddha is the world’s largest wooden-construction building, and a wonderful statue group lines up in the temple. This temple is well known for its statue of Birushana Buddha, called the Great Buddha of Nara, famous for its tremendous height of 14.98m (49.1 ft).

Largest indoor bronze statue of Great Buddha in JapanLargest indoor bronze statue of Great Buddha in Japan


Nara Park: The park’s total size is 502 hectares, and if the area includes other World Heritage sites nearby, its total size is 660 hectares. Over 1,200 wild deer roam the park, have been designated as National Treasures.  

Nara Park. Deer every where you go in Nara Park!Nara Park. Deer everywhere you go in Nara Park!


Buffet Lunch at “Hotel Nikko Nara” – An all-you-can-eat European-Japanese style buffet, with a variety of seafood, vegetable, fruits, meats, and desserts.


Kasuga taisha Shrine: A vermillion-lacquered Shinto shrine beautifully reflecting light of hanging lanterns Kasuga Taisha Shrine: A vermilion-lacquered Shinto shrine beautifully reflecting the light of hanging lanterns  

Kasuga Shrine: Kasuga Taisha was established at the same time as the capital and is Nara's most celebrated shrine. 100 bronze lanterns hang from the shrines, while around 3,000 stone lanterns can be found around it. These places are wonderful Nara highlights. And other attractions will be added as your time permits. 

On the way back from Nara, stop at Fushimi Inari Shrine (40 min), with its famous Torii Gates.

Famous Shinto Shrine in KyotoFamous Shinto Shrine in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari Shrine (Fushimi Inari Taisha) has ancient origins, predating the capital's move to Kyoto in 794.a fundamental shrine in southern Kyoto and is considered to be the headquarters of over 30000 Inari-jinja Shrines across the country. It is famous as its thousands of torii gates, traditional custom from Edo era that dedicates a torii from the meaning of the thanks for wish coming true, was spread across the country. There are approximately 10,000 toriis stands at 233 meters, are lined with in the wooded forest of the sacred Mount Inari.


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More About This Tour
Tour Highlights

  • 01 Horyuji Temple
    It was originally commissioned by Prince Shotoku. At that time, it was called Ikaruga-Dera. This first temple is believed to have been completed by 607.

  • 02 Todai-ji Temple
    It was constructed in 752 by Emperor Shomu as the center of all provincial temples to pray for the peace of the nation.

  • 03 Nara Park
    Sika Deer are said to be messengers of god according to Shinto beliefs.

  • 04 Kasuga Shrine
    Kasuga taisha Shrine was founded to protect the Heijo-kyo Capital and its the head shrine for about 3,000 Kasuga Shrines all over Japan.


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