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The tour is for all organizations that are eager to use special tour to build teamwork, increase sales, appreciate top performers, honor valued clients, improve employees on or launch new products. NETU is an organization services a meeting planning that share environment to focus on the meeting tour for every client. We offer customized and suitable places as our clients require for group travel incentives, individual incentives supported by arranging customized meetings with you.Let us show you how we can make a difference in creating an affordable meeting program for you. Our meeting tour is based on our research and arrangement. Based on our research we discuss and determine how the tour will be, with trustful information and detail, with customers. We evaluate our steps with you side by side throughout every step. When the plan is made better than customer’s needs, we deliver personalized and coordinated plans on onsite.

We invite customers to browse our site for more details of the tour, we've included lists and complete turnkey services. Our priority is to provide best-in-class services to customers in Japan. For international convention decision-makers who are considering Japan as a site for their events. We are glad to walk customers through with how we can help their business achieve its goals.

The best encounter with the best program we offer.

We create the unique and impressive program, and our work is to enrich your tour with meaningful and significant events in Japan, team provides the service that I individualized with every aspect to all of you. We strongly recommend you that promoting Japan as an international convention destination. Planning to go to an international convention in Japan will add your life the most valuable moments and encounters. Since Japanese culture and American culture are different, there are countless matters exist for any one would like to know. We guarantee that the unique program that offers participants the opportunity to visit Japan's beautiful regional cities will help you get a chance to achieve your goal in the near future.

There are so many reasons to make Japan the destination for your next event. They are waiting for you to come to see.



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The Tour Will Help You

  • Dedicate team of specialists with personalized service and attention to detailNETU consulting

  • Share variety of cost-saving options to help you stay within budgetmaking better plan

  • Earned ticket incentives more you earn for your organization

  • Provide a vast network of Japan destinations to get your attendees to the meeting making better plan


About us

Establish in 1962, Nippon Express Travel USA (NETU) has the longest history in the U.S. among Japan-based travel companies. We provide a full range of travel management services for business, government, non-profit organization and private travelers. We can plan, implement, review and manage your travel, and we want to exceed your programs or travel group.

Why should you select NETU?
You can arrange travel for any type of group or any size of group. You get the services of an experienced and specialized staff. With our NETU group travel department, you have flexibility in scheduling and payment.

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