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Sophisticated rewards for employees who have done well should be offered, this is a not common tour for rewarding success in exciting place to celebrate. Great Incentive Programs provides motivate your employees increase sales, improve employee as well as customer loyalty, rewards productivity, and develop meaningful and fundamental communication between senior management and employees or your customers. Incentive programs are able to create an opportunity of new encounter and experience you have never imagined, the tour is one of motivational tool to encourage and ignite passion for work. NETU’s purpose is to design an incentive program that is high quality, cost effective that will motivate and passionate the best performers at your business to grapple with in order to achieve efforts. This movement leads you to reach the goal of your business objectives with those employees. We pledge our priority is to ensure all the work is done behind the scenes and achieve our perfection of the tour is to success of your corporate initiative without considering any troubles. Also, guarantee the experience in Japan is meaningful and unforgettable event in life.

The “Impressive” Factor

NETU is a company founded on providing the great tour for every customer. We offer the tour that will impress and inspire key employees to challenge a new and important thing that is significant help to success your business over a long term. We provide a valuable and different chance to the clients to challenge. We offer the tour in two ways: individual and group. Incentive Tour is one of the best ways to inspire, impress, and motivate your employees to get a new movement by individual and group. Our job is not only to ticket and arrange the tour but also to take you Japan for excellent priceless experience.


Share memory of the tour with your guests

Our work is to ensure yours and your guests’ entire tours by ridding of any trouble and distress that you may come up with when you are negotiating and ticketing online or at airport. Here is just a chance for you and your guests will enjoy the tour from start to end. Our tour is fully prepared so there is nothing to worry about difficulties. Also, our service continue after the tour is over, is to send an email with address of the website and lead you and your guests to the list of photos of the tour on our website.


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Special Business Class price

  • Increase sales and productivity

    making more sales

  • Instill team building with co-workers and customer appreciation

  • Attract more qualified applicants and customer retention

    more qualified applicants

  • Introduce new products

  • Recognize employees and reduce turnover

    Recognize employees and reduce turnover


About us

Establish in 1962, Nippon Express Travel USA (NETU) has the longest history in the U.S. among Japan-based travel companies. We provide a full range of travel management services for business, government, non-profit organization and private travelers. We can plan, implement, review and manage your travel, and we want to exceed your programs or travel group.

Why should you select NETU?
You can arrange travel for any type of group or any size of group. You get the services of an experienced and specialized staff. With our NETU group travel department, you have flexibility in scheduling and payment.

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