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Tokyo Cultural Experience
Let's have special Japanese traditional art experiences


NinjyaWhat is Ninja? Everywhere you turn, you find a different definition, especially in the movies. Some ninjas are generalists, equally at home in matters of stealth and combat. Some are specialists, becoming adept at social skills, magic, or interaction with nature. All seek to maintain "balance" or peace of mind in life to survive, and train themselves to heighten their awareness and perseverance. The ninjas, in striving to reach their goals, develop the individual persons and sensibility to survival. So let’s try to become iconic figures of Japan’s past. Wear the gear and learn the art of handling blades from a group of professionals who have been passing along the ancient techniques for many centuries!

Departure Dates: Everyday 9:00 a.m~1:00p.m.(except Saturday)



Assemble at lobby and visit The Musashi Ichizoku in TAbata-Dojo, Tokyo by chartered coach with English speaking guide. You can experience and enjoy the various things!

Enjoy various kinds of attraction! While also enjoying various attractions, including seeing "real" samurai and ninja.



Tabata-Dojo (120 min):

1) Meditation !
2) Change to a ninja outfit
3) Practice Ninja star techniques
4) Introduction to Ninja weapons
5) Elective training
6) Kujikiri
7) Photo time ( Take photo with the ninjas)


Return to your hotel or continue to another program

Sushi Making and Tsukiji Fish market morning tour!

Sushi MakingExplore around Tsukiji Fish market with your guide on foot. You will not only learn about the Tsukiji but also learn how to make suhi from Veteran sushi-chefs! They will teach you how to cut fish for toppings, make sushi-rice, maki-sushi, and nigiri style sushi. You can’t miss this wonderful opportunity to taste your own sushi creation!





Depart the hotel


Arrive Tsukiji Fish market and start the tour / walk around the market


Start Sushi-making class and enjoy your own handmade sushi!


Depart Tsukiji fish market and continue another tour


JidaiyaAsakusa Jidaiya’s signature attraction is experiencing of some old Japanese Cultures. This is one of the lists of you could try at Jidaiya in Asakusa! -

A Rickshaw Man Experience: Learn history of rickshaw and try to draw a rickshaw. It is not that easier than it looks! What is Rickshaw? It used to be a popular transportation; in general, it is pulled by one man with one passenger with a two or three-wheeled cart.

Calligraphy Experience: Choose your favorite word in Japanese and try Calligraphy! Of course you can take your own work to home.

Making Lantern Experience: Draw your name or favorite design on Japanese Lantern and take it home as your souvenir from Asakusa! -You can dress up in traditional Japanese dress, such as Kimono, Girl in Hakama, lady of Rokumeikan style and policeman in the Meiji era etc. Then take pictures with your friends and take home!

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