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Kyoto Cultural Experience
Let's have special Japanese traditional art experiences

Kyoto Handicraft Center

HandcraftKyoto Handicraft Center (KHC) was opened in 1967. Since then we have offered beautiful and skillful Japanese handicrafts which fascinate people all over the world. All kinds of Japanese and Kyoto traditional crafts and specialty goods wait for you at KHC. What is more, your shopping is all duty-free. Why not visit KHC and find something which makes your Kyoto trip more memorable?

Hands-on Activities Studio--You can try to make a traditional craft. Choose one of your favorite out of 9 kinds of options: cloisonné accessory, clay doll bell, spinning top, woodblock print, incense bag, Shichimi (7 kind Japanese spices) blending, folding fan painting, damascene accessory. Each experience takes 40-60 minutes. English instruction will be provided. You can take your craft work back home on the day.

Kyoto Nishijin

Nishijin OriWhat is Nishijin? Nishijin weaving was created in Kyoto over 1200 years ago by using many different types of colored yarns and weaving them together into decorative designs. You will see gorgeous Kimono shows, product demonstrations by professionals, photos and documents introducing the history of Nishijin on display at Nishijin Kyoto. For your culture experience, their trained stuff will teach you how to make Nishijin cloth and you take your own cloth home with your precious memories!

Making wood craft at Kurochiku

KurochikuIn Kuchiroku offers very unique craft lessons in Kyoto. You will make a Woody charm covered by antique Kimono cloth. These beautiful designs are Japanese balls, flowers, or Japanese owl. Their trained instructors lead you to make these crafts and you can take your only one handmade craft home as your gift. You could also enjoy Kyoto Obanzai food , traditional home style cooking in Kyoto, during the lessons.


Yatsuhashi Making Experience at Kakehashi

kakehashiYou can make Japanese sweets “Yatsuhashi” at Kakehashi. Yatsuhashi is one of the most famous Kyoto’s sweets all the time. It is soft, thin squares of cinnamon flavor’s mochi dough, often eaten warpped around sweet red bean paste. You can find in a variety of different flavors, such as green tea, chocolate, and strawberries. Be a Japanese sweets pastry chef!

Wagashi Making Experience at Kanshundo

KanshundoThis is another Japanese sweets making experience! You can make Kyogashi at Kanshundo(Kyoto Sweets)! Kanshundo started their business more than 150 years ago. You will make Wagashi sweets by using the professional pastry chef’s tools and learn their skills. Taste your handmade sweets and of course you can take some with you after the lesson.


Miho Museum

Miho Museum The museum was designed by I.M.Pei, an internationally acclaimed architect who also designed the glass pyramid at the entrance to the Louvre. More than 80% of the museums structure is beneath the earth so as to preserve its natural environment, and to assimilate it into the surrounding scenery. It is located on a mountainside in a nature preserve near the town of Shigaraki in Shiga-pref., a historical site with the famous ruins of Shigaraki-no-miya Palace.



Departure Dates: Everyday 9:00 a.m~6:00p.m. ( Except Monday)



Assemble at lobby and visit Miho Museum in Shiga pref., by chartered coach with English speaking guide. You can enjoy scenery from coach bus window on the way and back and of course beautiful arts and museum!

The MIHO MUSEUM comprises two wings;
1)The South Wing:
It focuses on the Silk Road and contains a collection of treasures from the old-world civilizations of Egypt and Eurasia, such as a Statue of Queen Arsinoe II (Egyptian) and a standing Buddha from Gandhara, one of the largest in the world.  

2) The North Wing:
It periodically hosts various exhibits and displays of Buddhist art, tea-making utensils, maki-e (gold-relief lacquerware) and other lacquer works.


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