BTM provides effortless cost savings and more control while offering employees the satisfaction of being able to easily select travel services. Manage spend throughout the organization and improve sourcing through informed business decisions.

  • The business traveler makes reservations on a secure, dedicated intuitive and customized online booking site
  • The traveler is presented a list of approved suppliers and vendors and the company's spending policies
  • The intuitive and intelligent menu selection also incorporates user preferences, their location, job position and special situations
  • Access all your travelars' complete itinerary online 24/7 and know precisely their location-on a flight, in a hotel room; or the address email and telephone number of a client meeting.
  • Since the system has the ability to update the ravelers itinerary real-time, you can advise the, of any natural disastaers, emergency or ther causes of delays.
  • From the moment an itinerary is booked online, all travel data is collected electronically with user friendly instructions in order to reduce the errors associated with manual entry.
  • Since the traveler, management, and accounting all share the identical data file, a comprehensive Expense Management Report can be produced effortlessly resulting in a comprehensive detailed reports with significant savings in time.


  • Travel data that has been electronically collected and stored can then be analyzed and reported by simply selecting from among a flexible suite of BTM application
  • Travel policy compliance reports
  • Travel expenses analysis
  • Hotels and other travel suppliers

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